[Interest] Adding 'raw' queries to a QUrlQuery

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Sat Aug 24 21:55:51 CEST 2013

following problem. I am trying to convert one of my programs from Qt4 to Qt5. Qt4 uses QHttp. I want to switch to QNetworkAccessManager. So far, so good. 
The program is a bittorrent client. My new version with QNetworkAccessManager has only one problem: The trackers don't accept the info_hashes. 'This torrent is not registered with this tracker'. 

I compared my announce message with a message of the same torrent using rtorrent and wireshark. The only difference I see, is the percentencoding.

I add: "%B6%D5%CC%AD%A0%18%3C%A1%92%E7F9%D8C%14%16%ED%29%FEt" as encoded string,
the stupid QUrlQuery class makes it %B6%D5%CC%AD%A0%18%3C%A1%92%E7F9%D8C%14%16%ED)%FEt.

Changes %29 into ')'. I am sure, this is the problem, since according to wireshark this is the only difference between my client and rtorrent, which works and finds the torrents.

Is there a way how I can send something over the net in a way _I_ want and not how the QUrl functions think is right?

Btw, the network/torrent example in the Q5 sources has the same problem. As bittorrent client it is utterly useless and therefore at least at the moment of limited value as example.


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