[Interest] Adding 'raw' queries to a QUrlQuery

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Sun Aug 25 04:05:33 CEST 2013

On domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013 00:18:01, Guido Seifert wrote:
> > 5.2 is in dev. It's a major rewrite of the QUrl encoding code. That's why
> > it's not in 5.1.
> A little bit more bleeding edge than I am used to, but why not? It is a fun
> and learn project. No problem when something breaks. :-)

You can also just cherry-pick the changes into 5.1.

1de1470 QUrl: Use decoded mode by default for individual getters/setters.
f874a5d QUrl: fix host(FullyDecoded), it shouldn't trigger EncodeUnicode.
c615dcc QUrl: do not decode "#" in fragments
7b964c7 Make sure that QUrl::FullyDecoded mode uses U+FFFD for bad UTF-8
1fa5ea7 Remove fully-decoded QUrl user info and authority sections
6aa1569 QUrl: remove temporary code
d5f0555 Doc: update the QUrl and QUrlQuery documentation
2ff719d QUrlQuery: update our understanding of delimiters
993bbb4 QUrl: update our understanding of the encoding of delimiters
1aa4ad4 QUrl: add matches(url, options) method.
d5d07f2 QUrl: let StripTrailingSlash remove multiple trailing slashes
0f062f4 QUrl: add fileName() method. Complements QUrl::RemoveFilename.
9d0ff90 Make QUrl store the first bad IPv6 character in the error string
9063119 Make QIPAddress::parseIp6 return the first bad character
4b3acf5 QUrl: Make sure we don't return a dangling pointer from parseIpFuture
6130bb2 QUrl: Uppercase the version number in IPvFuture
3d77406 Make the URL Recode function to fix bad input in FullyDecoded mode too
b60cac3 Fix IPvFuture use in QUrl
393865b Fix QUrl parsing of IPv6 hosts with encoded colons
afe66eb QUrl: Add an "appendingTo" parameter to QUrl::appendFragment
02afd94 QUrl: remove old commented out code for normalized().
a7bc4e8 QUrl: add NormalizePathSegments to UrlFormattingOptions
10023de QUrl: add RemoveFilename to UrlFormattingOptions.
602c911 QUrl: add "QUrl adjusted(options)" convenience method.
67ec78a Fix QUrl::topLevelDomain(QUrl::FullyDecoded)

The two "update our understanding" are the behaviour changes that fix your 
problem. The latest commit (the first one on the list) is also a behaviour 

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