[Interest] Adding custom qmake directives?

Soroush Rabiei soroush.rabiei at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 08:23:49 CEST 2013

I would like to introduce new directives to qmake of target system. I have
a toolkit made up of a set of libraries and templated code-bases. It should
be possible to easily include / exclude its modules to Qt project. A
project file may look like this :

# users_application.pro
QT       += core gui sql
AGT      += core acl security # This like
TARGET = my_application
SOURCES += main.cpp ...

The second line should be expanded to:

LIBS += -lagt_code -lagt_acl -lagt_security -lagt_crypto -lpthread # and /
or other dependencies
INCLUDEPATH += <concluded include dirs>

I guess doing things like this requires modifying Qt's configuration files.
Of course it should be possible to revert back all changes on uninstall.
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