[Interest] QML / OpenGL / scene graph problem.

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Sun Dec 1 18:11:18 CET 2013

> Hope this helps,

Yep, thank you. Not the exact solution, but close enough to give me enough information so I could successfully 
narrow my search. This line was missing:


QOpenGLFramebufferObject::NoAttachment	0	No attachment is added to the framebuffer object. Note that the OpenGL 
                                                depth and stencil tests won't work when rendering to a framebuffer object 
                                                without any depth or stencil buffers. This is the default value.
QOpenGLFramebufferObject::Depth	        2	A depth buffer is attached to the framebuffer object.

Now the code works and I can start to get it right. :-)


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