[Interest] static qt without zlib

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Mon Dec 2 14:03:54 CET 2013

>> well it is not that i want to completely remove zlib, but i currently
>> have too many of them ;)
>>> You might try to use a "system zlib", i.e. provide your own copy of zlib
>>> as the one Qt links to and then use the one linked inside Qt.
>> i've already tried to compile with -system-zlib, but Qt5Core.lib still
>> contains zlib symbols.
>> or do i need to/am i able to explicitly specify my zlib when compiling qt?
> Exactly, the symbols from the system zlib are now in the statically linked 
> QtCore. How about not linking it to your own plugin again and instead using 
> the zlib symbols from QtCore?
> Zlib is actually pretty compatible, so this will generally work.

hmm, i might be hit by my ignorance of the win32 platform, but trying to
do so there seems to be a symbol mismatch: Qt5Core provides symbols like
_z_deflate, but my library is looking for the symbol _deflate ...


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