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Nurmi J-P jpnurmi at digia.com
Mon Dec 2 17:19:28 CET 2013

On 02 Dec 2013, at 16:40, Graham Labdon <Graham.Labdon at avalonsciences.com> wrote:

> Hi
> If I have a group of animations and have added them to a group –
>                         QPropertyAnimation *Animation1 = new QPropertyAnimation(widget1, "pos");
>                         QPropertyAnimation *Animation2 = new QPropertyAnimation(widget2, "pos");
>                         QParallelAnimationGroup *animationGroup = new QParallelAnimationGroup;
>                         animationGroup ->addAnimation(Animation1);
>                         animationGroup ->addAnimation(Animation2);
>                         animgroup->start(QAbstractAnimation::DeleteWhenStopped);
> Does this result in a memory leak or will the individual animations be deleted when the animation group completes ?


It won't leak, since QAnimationGroup takes ownership of the grouped animations.


"Note: The group takes ownership of the animation."

J-P Nurmi

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