[Interest] Is this working for anyone, making a QML extension.

Mark Gaiser markg85 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 23:37:05 CET 2013


I guess i'm doing something horribly wrong, but i never hurts to ask a
confirmation here.
I'm making a QML extension (using 5.2 stable branch and QtCreator
3.0). Somehow i keep getting: "module "<module name>" is not
installed". The paths are right, QtCreator is even highlighting them
as if it found them without an issue and property completion works
just fine as well.

Here are the steps to reproduce this.
1. Create a new empty QML project file. (slightly more is needed later on)
2. Create a new library project (Qt Quick 2 Extension Plugin). Go
through the wizard and remember the names you type in. Specifically
the module name.
3. Compile the just created library and add the path where it placed
the library and qmldir file in your your qmlproject from step 1 under:
importPaths: [ "/your/long/import/path" ]
4. In step 1 you should also end up with a QML file (your main QML
file). Open it and add an import line to your newly created library
5. Still in that QML file, QtCreator should think a bit and figure out
that it can find the import and highlight it as other imports are.
Aka, no red underline anymore.
6. run it

If i do that i get the "module is not installed" line every time.
But i DON'T get that line from modules that are installed by KDE or
ones that i made myself. The only difference there is CMake rather
then QMake.. I wonder if that could make a difference?

Please let me hear what your results are. It's a ~5 minute testcase.


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