[Interest] OpenGL ES 3.0 support on the roadmap..?

Sean Harmer sean.harmer at kdab.com
Tue Dec 10 21:19:42 CET 2013

Hi Matti,

On 10/12/2013 06:46, Matti Dahlbom wrote:
> Hi, for the past couple of days I've been looking for an up-to-date Qt 5
> roadmap/browsing the forums for any signs of upcoming GLES 3.0 support but
> to no avail. Any info available on this..? GLES 3.0 hardware is popping up
> on the market steadily and I'd like to base my new project on Qt, of
> course, and for this there should be a supported GLES 3.0 context &
> QOpenGLFunctions_ES3 ..

There's nothing concrete planned that I know of. It's something I would 
like to see go into Qt as ES 3 has some really nice features beyond what 
ES 2 offers.

However, I don't yet have any ES 3 hardware on which to develop so 
there's only a limited amount that I can do blind.

Of course if others want to submit patches then that's also great.



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