[Interest] Loader seems to be blocking animation

VStevenP vstevenpavao at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 10 21:24:45 CET 2013

I switched over to using the new YAnimator type for my icon highlighter rectangle.  The animation works, but it's still blocked by the QML Loader, on both Android and Mac Desktop.

I got rid of all the old-style states and transitions syntax, and simply switched over to the following syntax:


    property int currentTab: 0

    Rectangle {
        id: pageTabs
        anchors.fill: parent
        color: "darkgrey"

        Rectangle {
            id: highlighterRect
            width: pageTabsPane.width

            height: pageTabsPane.width  // a square
            color: "black"

            YAnimator {
                id: highlighterRectAnimator
                target: highlighterRect
                duration: 40

            Component.onCompleted {
                y = homeIcon.y

        PageTabIcon {
            id: homeIcon

            onPageTabIconClicked: {
                highlighterRectAnimator.from = highlighterRect.y
                highlighterRectAnimator.to = homeIcon.y
                highlighterRectAnimator.running = true
                currentTab = Common.PageView.Home

        PageTabIcon {
            id: mixIcon
            y: pageTabsPane.width
            source: "img/mixIcon.svg"

            onPageTabIconClicked: {
                highlighterRectAnimator.from = highlighterRect.y
                highlighterRectAnimator.to = mixIcon.y
                highlighterRectAnimator.running = true

Is this the wrong syntax?  It's the one syntax I figured out that seemed to cause the Yanimation to work for animating the highlighted background from icon to icon.

- VStevenP

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You want to have a look at the new Animator types introduced in Qt 5.2. These run on the render thread and won't be blocked when the loader is running.



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