[Interest] VS2013

Michael Sué sue at nf.mpg.de
Fri Dec 13 10:36:58 CET 2013


>If you want to take advantage of newer hardware, OS, compilers to improve development you will need to move at some point of time and should be before support ends from them :). 

I completely agree :-) But on the other side there are the users of software (e.g. our software) who want to use it as long as possible (if possible for ever) without any changes to their machines i.e. without further investment into their machines. I very much like to have a strong argument to stop supporting WINDOWS XP in four months from now, when Microsoft cancels the platform. Well, but this is another matter...

What I wanted to point out, is, that after WINDOWS XP is history, there is no longer a technical need to support VS 2010.

- Michael.

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