[Interest] QMacNativeWidget & memory management

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Fri Dec 13 12:41:03 CET 2013

>> thanks a lot! also i wonder: is the parent NSView informed if the 
>> QMacNativeWidget is resized? in my use case i have a
>> QMacNativeWidget, containing a layout. i suppose the layout resizes
>> it depending on its content. but the parent NSView is not resizes
>> accordingly, right? i suppose this is my responsibility to do
>> this?
> The QMacNativeWidget’s NSView will be resized to the widget’s size
> but, unless you use Cocoa's constraints-based layouting API, there’s
> no size propagation from subview to superview.

i see, thanks

>> oh and yes, any improvement in the documentation on how to use 
>> QMacNativeWidget would be more than welcome :)
> We’ll try to improve it for 5.3, after we get enough feedback.


> In any case, I strongly recommend you to send your messages to the
> “Qt interests” mailing list. Not only the matter of the discussion
> may be of interest to other people, but you will also get faster and
> better answers than if you send your questions only to one person.
> :)

yes, but i suppose once is enough ... i'm posting on the list via nntp ;)

thanks a lot,

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