[Interest] Optimizing QGraphicsView

Brad Pepers bpepers at me.com
Tue Dec 17 07:36:39 CET 2013

I have a QGraphicsView on a scene with around 6000 SVG images.  When I scale the view to the point where they are all visible, things start getting choppy and performance suffers when I scroll.  Any tips at how to optimize things to handle this better?

I see that I can set a shared SVG renderer for all the QGraphicsSvgItem's I create but I don't see anything in the docs to tell me why I would want to do that.  Will it speed things up?

The QGraphicsSvgItems are all set to not transform since they need to be shown at the same size no matter what the scale is set to.  Would that be contributing to the slowness?

Would it be better to render the SVG into pixmaps and just add them as QGraphicsPixmapItems that also don't transform?

Any hints would be helpful since there seems to be a lot of options and combinations I can try!


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