[Interest] Something funny. QAccelerometer

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Wed Dec 18 09:34:32 CET 2013

> Guido Seifert schreef op 17-12-2013 23:29:
> >
> > I am 90% sure that my desktop has neither an accelerometer nor an ambient light sensor.
> >
> Could it be you have one in your HD? I understand they sometimes have 
> one in order to be able to park the drive in time for a fall.

That's why I wrote 90% and not 100%. But I don't think so. As I wrote in an answer to
Thiago, I checked with sensor-detect, lspci, lshw, lsusb and did some manual searches
where I might find hints for drivers for an accelerometer. Nothing. And the readings 
for x,y,z remain constant when I move my computer. So I really don't think I have an 
actual accelerometer somewhere. And even if one of my HDs has one, I don't see how 
Qt could get the data. 


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