[Interest] 4NT shell and qmake

Gisle Vanem gvanem at yahoo.no
Sun Dec 29 14:36:38 CET 2013

"Thiago Macieira" <thiago.macieira at intel.com> wrote:

> You can hack qmake or the mkspec so that it works. We need a command that
> deletes a file if it exists or exits without error if it doesn't. The
> equivalent of rm -f on Unix.

I edited my %QT_INSTALL_PREFIX\mkspecs\common\shell-win32.conf and
  QMAKE_DEL_FILE          = del

  QMAKE_DEL_FILE          = del /e /k

This works fine. Thanks.

Are the shell-win32.conf commands used universally now? AFAICR some commands
where hardcoded into qmake previously.

PS. 4NT docs sys:
     /E (No error messages) Suppress all non-fatal error messages, such as "File Not Found."
        Fatal error messages, such as "Drive not ready," will still be displayed. This option is 
        most useful in batch files and aliases.

     /K Physically delete files instead of sending them to the Windows Recycle Bin. This 
       option overrides the default "RecycleBin=Yes" .INI setting


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