[Interest] QProgressDialog

John Weeks john at wavemetrics.com
Tue Dec 31 01:51:46 CET 2013

The documentation for QProgressDialog doesn't say anything about it, but it appears that setting both minimum and maximum to zero results in an "indeterminate" progress dialog. The documentation *does* say that if you make it a modal dialog, then calling QProgressDialog::setValue() will call processEvents(). But the code seems to check to see if progress has been made; by experiment I find that for an indeterminate QProgressDialog, it is necessary for my code to call processEvents().

This suggests that QProgressDialog wasn't actually designed to display an indeterminate progress bar- maybe it is an accident?

Am I going to find some ugly surprise using it this way? (I mean other than having to call processEvents() myself.) If it is designed to work this way, perhaps a change to the documentation is in order.

-John Weeks

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