[Interest] I am trying to compile Qt 4.8 with VS2010

Till Oliver Knoll till.oliver.knoll at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 08:45:57 CET 2013

Am 07.02.2013 um 02:59 schrieb Scott Aron Bloom <scott.bloom at onshorecs.com>:

> Just a suggestion...
> If you use a "Project" directory, for source and building, add that directory to your virus system as a white listed directory, ie don't check it.

Guido already stated that he's not using any virus scanner ;)

My second guess would have been "network drive" (Samba, network delay, wrong/cached permissions, other oddities...) but he mentioned the C:\ drive, so I assume that means local...

Is the entire compilation process "multithreaded"? Could it be that some VS 2010 process is trying to access that DLL at the same time like some other VS process (which might then be a bug in VS itself, maybe triggered by "unusual generated Makefiles")? Is it possible to force "single process compilation/linking" in this case?

What Windows version was that again? Is it possible that some "search index" is being updated at the very moment that DLL is to be generated?

What about trying to compile Qt onto some externally attached drive? Maybe your hard disk really has bad blocks which are just being marked as such the very moment you try to write them (any other data lost or corrupted recently? :-0)? (Doesn't that S.M.A.R.T. thing do that? Or was that just with "USB sticks"?)

And finally: did you try to tilt and maybe slightly shake your harddisk, such that the bits fall into the right place again? Maybe you have to adjust its orientation towards Redmond, too (No responsibility taken ;))

[From: "The Developer's Handbook About Esotheric Bugs You Wouldn't Believe They Exist (And Some Really Don't)" - Buggy Bookstore Press, ISBN 42]


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