[Interest] Design idioms for QtCore applications

K. Frank kfrank29.c at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 16:01:27 CET 2013

Hello Karl!

On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 9:37 AM, Karl Ruetz <karl.ruetz at ruetzdogz.com> wrote:
> My company has been writing server type applications in Qt for about 10
> years.  While these do not involved acquiring data from the command line,
> they do have to detect "work to do" in some fashion through the event loop.
> In your case, it seems as though your "to do" list is coming through the
> command line.

Yes, one very simple use case I have in mind is the "work to do"
coming in over the command line.

> I would suggest you take a look at the Fortune examples.  They might give
> you a hint as to how this might be accomplished.

I found two (rather similar) fortune examples:


but they both look like gui applications.

(Also, I should have mentioned -- I am using Qt 4.8 on windows.)

> Regards,
> Karl


K. Frank

> On 2013-02-08 06:02, K. Frank wrote:
> Hello List!
> I am playing around with non-gui, "QtCore" applications,( i.e., applications
> that have #include <QtCore> rather than #include <QtGui>).
> ...
> I'm looking for general advice on the design philosophy for QtCore
> apps, how to use events, and design idioms for simple QtCore
> apps.
> ...

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