[Interest] Best way to QObject-wrap simple objects

K. Frank kfrank29.c at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 14:19:18 CET 2013

Hello List!

Sometimes I have a simple class, maybe a POD, that I want to
pump through a queued signal-slot connection.  As I understand
it, I need a QObject to do that.  So I wrap my class in QObject.

What are some good idioms for this?  What is the most parsimonious

Here's one method I've used:


   #include "pod.h"
   #include <QObject>
   #include <QMetaType>

   class WrappedPOD : public QObject, public POD {
         WrappedPOD() {}
         WrappedPOD (const WrappedPOD &wp) : POD(wp) {}
         WrappedPOD (const POD &p) : POD(p) {}
        ~WrappedPOD() {}

(A comment:  I was a little surprised that I seem to need to define
the constructors.  I would have thought that the c++ defaults would
have sufficed.)

Any thoughts on other, better ways to achieve this goal?  Or is there
an approach I can use that avoids wrapping the object in the first place?

I imagine that this is not an uncommon need, so I imagine that there
is some standard practice I can learn from.


K. Frank

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