[Interest] Announcement of Copy - A Qt based cross platform sync app

Paul Miller paul at fxtech.com
Sat Feb 23 16:50:13 CET 2013

On 2/22/2013 9:24 PM, Jason Dictos wrote:
> Hey everyone,
>                  As someone who has learned a lot on this mailing list, I wanted to let you all know of a project I have been heavily involved in creating this past year. It is called Copy (www.copy.com), and the UI is written entirely in Qt, using a single code base on Mac, Linux and Windows.
> We couldn’t have created this product without help from this mailing list, and as a result, anyone who signs up for a copy account and mentions this email, will get 20GB of free storage for life.

Congrats on getting a great product and domain name!

Your Qt-based UI looks great. This wasn't mentioned on your web site, 
but are "copied" files encrypted in any way on your end?

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