[Interest] Debugging very slow in my MainWindow

Etienne Sandré-Chardonnal etienne.sandre at m4x.org
Fri Jun 7 12:59:38 CEST 2013

Dear all,

When I'm debugging my project (gcc 32 and 64bit mingw-w64, Qt 4.8.1) under
QtCreator (2.6.0), it's not ultra-fast, but usable, in most of my code.
However, when stepping inside my MainWindow class, and especially when
unrolling some "Locals and Expressions", it takes about 1min to respond, or
sometimes more (but then I kill gdb since I'm not patient enough...)
I tried to disable debug helpers, and it doesn't help.

Seems I feel that this comes from the local & expression retrieval by gdb,
the details of my class are below.

My class contains these member variables:

	QList<FileListItem> files;
	Ui::MainWindow *m_ui;

	ComputeClient * computeClient;

	NetworkServer * computeServer;

	Buffer currentBuffer;

	QIODevice * logDevice;

	QSet<QString> displayedMessages;

	QRubberBand * rubberBand;	

	QTimer * updateTimer;

	QString statusString;

	ServerListWidget * serverListWidget;

	ImageToolWidget * imageToolWidget;

	SettingsToolWidget * settingsToolWidget;

	Scene * scene;

	bool quitOnComputeStop;

	float gain;

	int autostartEvent;

	AppParameters appParameters;

class AppParameters



	AppParameters(const QStringList & arguments);

	bool gui;

	QStringList inputFileNames;


class FileListItem{public:	FileListItem(const QString & fileName, int
elements)		: fileName(fileName), elements(elements) { }
	QString fileName;	int elements;};

Do you have any idea?


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