[Interest] Qt i18n with large project

Rainer Wiesenfarth Rainer_Wiesenfarth at Trimble.com
Mon Jun 17 11:36:48 CEST 2013

I am searching for some best practices for using lupdate, lrelease and
linguist for a large project. Our project consists of some 300 Visual Studio
projects (no qmake .pro files), which we would like to combine in a single
.qm file per language. At the moment, the total number of strings is about

There are some issues I have to address. The first on is the collection of
the strings (lupdate). As we are not using qmake, I would have to feed the
path(s) into lupdate. I could add the top-level directory, but this will
include any strings in test and demo programs, which we do not want to
include in translations. On the other hand, I may list all the files in a
listfile to be used with lupdate, but this requires keeping the list file up
to date. My first approach was to run lupdate separately for each project,
updating the .ts files only partially. However, I cannot tell lupdate NOT to
mark entries as obsolete.

A second issue is concurrent translations that may lead to merge conflicts
in SVN. Of course, this (and the above) problem can be solved by using one
.ts file per project. However, with this approach the translators for one
language will be faced with 300 files to be translated and the overall
number of .ts files will reach the thousands.

Does anyone out there has some experience in i18n with large projects and
can share some hints or best practices?

Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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