[Interest] Terminating a QThread

francois cellier f_cellier at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 21 15:19:24 CEST 2013

André, my idea was more to continue the discussion of the qt-project.org forum. 

In my first post on this list I precised the conclusion we have made on the qt-project.org forum post that is to say the different behaviours of the two approaches using the worker approach or not. My question in the end of my post was if this was the expected behaviour. I may not have been specific enough. I just wanted to explain my problem for those who did not read the qt-project.org forum post. 

Moreover I said again in the second mail that I just wanted to know why this piece of code did not work.

I was just hoping that someone that knows well QThread would help me to understand. 


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Op 21-6-2013 10:06, francois cellier schreef:

Dear all,
>Even if I know that it can be dangerous to terminate a thread, I
        need to do it for my application.
Are you really going to completely re-do the discussion you already had on the qt-project.org forums?


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