[Interest] Terminating a QThread

Etienne Sandré-Chardonnal etienne.sandre at m4x.org
Fri Jun 21 16:32:51 CEST 2013


This was my case, but after a careful study of how the event loop and
queued signal/slot connection works, I figured it out and everything works
cleanly now.
It's easy to have this issue, as if you ask the thread to quit via a
signal/slot, you have to ensure that nothing is destroyed or blocked.

For the non-eventloop threads, I just use a quit flag as mentionned, it
works perfectly.

For the eventloop/QObject-worker threads, for instance, I have a
RenderClient, which creates a QThread, a RenderClientPrivate, and makes the
RenderClientPrivate run in the QThread. The RenderClient is then a wrapper
interface for controlling the RenderClientPrivate from the main thread.

Here are definitions/initializations:

RenderClient::RenderClient(QObject * parent)

	: QObject(parent), state(Idle)


	//Create a thread

	clientThread = new QThread(this);

	//Create a RenderClientPrivate and move it to the new thread

	RenderClientPrivate * clientPrivate = new RenderClientPrivate();


	//Destroy the renderer object when the threads exits from event loop

	connect(clientThread, SIGNAL(finished()), clientPrivate, SLOT(deleteLater()));


RenderClient::~RenderClient(){	debug("RenderClient : destroyed");
	//Ensure renderThread finishes its execution as it will be deleted
(child)	if(clientThread->isRunning())	{		clientThread->quit();		//When
the thread emits finished(), the RenderClientPrivate object will be
deleted, and wait() will
return		if(!clientThread->wait(30000))		{			warning("RenderClient::~RenderClient
: thread timeout, forced thread to
terminate");			clientThread->terminate();		}	}}

That way, the terminate() is never called, and everything gets
destroyed properly.

just to put in my 2 windows cents:

> sometimes my threads even don't stop when i quit() them and a wait() waits
> forever...
> so terminate is my only chance for this.
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