[Interest] QDnsLookup - which server is used for lookups?

Sven Putze mailinglist.Qt-creator at hardcodes.de
Tue Jun 25 07:09:32 CEST 2013

> It uses whatever libresolv (Unix) or DnsQuery_W (Windows) use. libresolv will 
> read /etc/resolv.conf -- in fact, that's why this file has that name.
> To change the server, edit the file.
That's what I feared. Doesn't help me for what I have in mind (a special version of nslookup for logon scripts where I can dictate the DNS servers to use - specific for our environmental needs). Now I will stick on calling nslookup an parsing the output.
Anyway: thank you all for the answers :-D

Sven Putze

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