[Interest] error connecting signals

Adrian Stern adrian.stern at screenfood.com
Tue May 7 14:52:39 CEST 2013


I don't understand exactly. But when i put the Q_Object macro in VideoPlayer, I ghet the errors:
...Debug/moc_videoplayer.cpp:70: Fehler:'QObject' is an ambiguous base of 'VideoPlayer'

Shouldn't VideoPlayer inherit this macro from PlayerBase since it is a derived class?

class VideoPlayer : public PlayerBase, public IControllable, public IPlaceable
  Q_INTERFACES(PlayerBase IControllable IPlaceable)

class PlayerBase : public QObject

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Hi, please keep the discussion on the list.

On 7 May 2013 14:08, Adrian Stern <adrian.stern at screenfood.com> wrote:
> It was in the VideoPlayer whil it wasn't working. Now that it is in PlayerBase it is working.
> Why?

Because, as you said, VideoPlayer was lacking the Q_OBJECT macro.

Rule of thumb: put Q_OBJECT in each and every QObject subclass.

> And why can I cast a VideoPlayer to a PlayerBase but not in the other direction?

What do you mean? You can always cast "for free" to a base*, but you need an explicit cast to go towards a derived class.

Giuseppe D'Angelo

*unless you're inheriting from it multiple times and stuff like this
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