[Interest] Bounties on Qt features

Dirk Groeneveld dirk at offcamberdata.com
Thu May 9 22:58:18 CEST 2013


I put a bounty on a Qt feature: https://www.bountysource.com/#issues/315019-add-a-tiling-window-manager-like-eclipse-or-visual-studio-have. It currently stands at $1010.

I'm doing this because I want that feature, but also because I want to see if this is a viable way to fund Qt development, and Open Source development in general. If you're interested in the feature, I invite you to add to the bounty. If you can build it, I'd be delighted to see you take the bounty.

If you're interested, I can answer questions about the process, or about this bounty in particular.


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