[Interest] QTableView::moveCursor and scrolling to end

Mojmír Svoboda Mojmir.Svoboda at warhorsestudios.cz
Tue May 14 09:17:40 CEST 2013


my problem is simple: when an user press ctrl+end to scroll to the end
of the table then there is an implicit horizontal scroll to the right.
My users requested few times already to disable that behaviour.

I subclassed QTableView as i did not found any other way (sorry if i
missed something obvious), but as soon as i tried to override moveCursor
i started to fail because of internals like d->visualCursor or d->spans.
Some of them seem trivial to bypass (like d->root, d->visualRow etc)
some of them not (d->spans).

I wonder what do you in general do, when you find yourselves in the need
of accessing the private internals.

Best regards,

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