[Interest] validate xml dsig signature in c++ (qt?)

Adrian Stern adrian.stern at screenfood.com
Wed May 29 15:24:50 CEST 2013


My Question is not really Qt Relatet since i would prefer a non Qt solution to it. But if Qt would provide me with the appropriate tools, I would be happy too.

So. My program downloads an xml which is signed using the w3c dsig standard. (rsa key pair). I have to check the validity of this file using the <Signature> tag which holds all the necessary information.

Since 3 days now I'm looking at xml-security-c, which is an apache project, but I just can't get anything to work. Sadly they do not provide any examples to analyse. Only some helper command line tools (with source) but I cannot start analysing them if I'm not sure they work.

What I do (a copy from my mailing list question):

1. Creating an rsa key pair with openssl:
openssl genrsa -out key.pem 1288
openssl rsa -in key.pem -pubout > key.pub

2. Add modulus and exponent:
openssl rsa -modulus -pubin <key.pub
openssl rsa -pubin -inform PEM -text -noout <key.pub

3. Signig my example:
Templatesign -r key.pem  pass123 test.lic > signed.lic

4. Check for changes:
Digest and SignedValue differ!
Exponent and modulus not - as expected

5. Check signature:
checksig signed.lic || echo $?
Signature failed verification
Validation of <SignedInfo> failed
[1]+  Exit 1                  checksig signed.lic

The exit code 1 means "Signature Bad" 0 would be ok and >1 would be some error.  Exit code from signing is also 0.
Is you can see, the singing does work, but the validation does not.

Ideas and especially examples are very welcome.

Freundliche Grüsse / Best Regards / Meilleures salutations
Adrian Stern


Adrian Stern
Software Developer
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