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I wasn't sure if to send this to development or here.

I have a few questions about qt touch. I have been looking at fingerpaint
(example) and the api docs as well as the code found in event.h and

1) Where is the code that interacts with the Windows Touch Device
drivers... I have done touch with WIN32 API (WINAPI), so I figure that some
of that is going on somewhere....

2) The ID seems to be reset not per each time I run the application but
each time there is no activity. In Windows, that doesn't seem to happen and
also they use long for the id. You may wonder why is this important? It to
be able to re-play the traces if I want to... of course, I could work
around that by having my own id  and/or using setId

3)  is there additional information other than what I found in the doc api
about touchevent and touchevents::touchpoints


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