[Interest] compilation error in qdatetime

Graham Labdon Graham.Labdon at avalonsciences.com
Fri Nov 8 17:36:14 CET 2013

I amusing Qt5 with Visual Studio and one of my projects is giving the following error

c:\qt\qt5.1.1\5.1.1\msvc2012\include\qtcore\qdatetime.h(121): error C2589: '(' : illegal token on right side of '::'
1>c:\qt\qt5.1.1\5.1.1\msvc2012\include\qtcore\qdatetime.h(121): error C2059: syntax error : '::'
1>  moc_EventSimulator.cpp

I can get a successful compilation by adding 'NOMINMAX' to the list of pre processor macros

I would be grateful if someone could explain why this error occurs


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