[Interest] Why are selections not preserved in QListView when resorting?

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Tue Nov 12 14:00:21 CET 2013

Philipp Kursawe schreef op 12-11-2013 13:46:
> There seems to be no concept of selection preservation in QListView 
> (an probably other QAIViews).
> When I select the second element and then re-order the list, the 
> selected item is still the second (index) but models data on index 2 
> is not the same anymore.
> Am I doing something wrong?
No, I don´t think you´re doing anything wrong. QSFPM is.
The problem is that resorting isn´t using the beginMoveRows/endMoveRows 
methods. The QItemSelectionModel has no way to know that the items in 
the model have moved. It has no concept of there being an underlying 
model that your _really_ looking at. By using the move signals, QSFPM 
could in principal signal that items have not changed or the model 
reset, but items merely have moved, and QISM could use that signal to 
update itself, but again: it is unfortunately currently not implemented 
that way.


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