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Ender Erel ender.erel at icterra.com
Wed Nov 20 08:36:49 CET 2013

I was led to believe the same thing by the answers at stackoverflow, so I decided to ask the fontconfig mailing list. Here's a quote from the reply:

" I think that kind of logic is usually implemented in Pango, not fontconfig. If you need to use fontconfig without Pango for this, you'd have to split your text yourself according to the character ranges and map these to "lang" properties for the match."

What i undestand from that is, glyph fallback is handled on the application level whereas fontconfig provides font fallback, and if I want to do this, I have to split my text and assign different fonts manually.

Also, when I read the fontconfig manual, I didn't see anything that allows me to setup glyph fallback. Fontconfig's aim is to centralize font management and discovery of fonts by applications. From what I gathered so far, fontconfig allows font fallback, not glyph fallback.

If I'm wrong, can anyone point me to an example where glyph fallback is configured via fontconfig? I couldn't find one on the web.


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On 19 Nov 2013, at 4:25 PM, Ender Erel wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am using Qt on Embedded Linux and trying to setup fallback fonts for some glyphs.
> First, let me explain my situation:
> I have three TTF fonts (without any overlap in glyph coverage):
> -FontA: includes Latin, Cyrillic and Greek characters
> -FontB: includes Korean characters
> -FontC: includes Chinese & Japanese characters
> I want to setup my application such that FontA is used for all text but missing characters in FontA are taken from FontB, and if FontB does not contain them, taken from FontC. I tried QFont::insertSubstitution but i think that mechanism is intended for using FontB in case FontA is missing on the system. Is there any way I can achieve this?

That's the sort of thing fontconfig usually does.

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