[Interest] Fwd: Embedding excel file into QAxWidget

Michele Ciampichetti cia.michele at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 17:57:02 CET 2013

Hello to all,
I'm a newbie of Qt and I'd like to embed an excel file into QDialog by

I search by documentation and internet and I got some example, so I try to
got it but... I reach two ways:

1) If I use *QAxWidget->setControl("C:\file.xls")* I see the sheet into my
control (as I like) but... I can't fill its cells programmaticaly: the
*querySubObject()* and *dynamicCall()* aren't available in this
configuration and raise segmentation fault error.

2) If I use *QAxWidget->setControl("Excel.Application")* I can work
programmatically on my excel file, but... the file won't embedded into my
QAxWidget that it remain white.

So, how can Got the 1.5 possibility ? How programmatically change a file
embedded by *setControl()*?

Thanks a lot for your time


PS. I've opensource version of QT
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