[Interest] QSensor class with iOS

Cezar Menezes cezar at hxgt.com.br
Tue Nov 26 16:29:18 CET 2013

Thank you so much, Richard. 

The line "QTPLUGIN += qtsensors_ios" was missing in my .PRO files.

Now, everything is working perfectly! 

Best Regards,


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Have you added the following to your pro file:
QT += sensors
QTPLUGIN += qtsensors_ios

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Emne: [Interest] QSensor class with iOS

Hello, everyone.

Has any of you succeeded while using QSensor class (or its wrapped classes, such as QAccelerometer or QCompass) with iOS?

In my tests, QSensor class seems to fail when running on iOS devices (with Qt 5.2.0-beta1). I’ve tried several simple test Apps for instantiating and detecting sensors on several devices (iPhone and iPad), with different versions of XCode (4.6.3 and 5.0.1) and iOS (iOS5 , iOS6 and iOS7).

QSensor::sensorTypes() should return a list of available sensors but, instead, returns an empty list. As there aren’t sensors available, QSensor::start() always returns false (failing to start any sensor).

Any feedback from you would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Cezar Menezes
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