[Interest] Dynamic translation using Qt Quick 2.x in Qt5.1.1

Bo Thorsen bthorsen at ics.com
Tue Oct 1 09:49:08 CEST 2013

Den 01-10-2013 07:36, Ramakanthreddy Kesireddy skrev:
> Hi,
> I would like to know if it is possible to update the text dynamically
> for any locale change in QtQuick(QML) using Qt5.1.1.

No, not directly. But there are a couple of things you can do instead.

The key in both my solutions is to have a single C++ object with a 
property registered to QML:

   class LocaleUpdater : public QObject {
     Q_PROPERTY(QString localeChange READ localeChange
       NOTIFY localeChanged)
     QString localeChange() const { return QString(); }

Export this to the QML:

   LocaleUpdater updater;
   qml.rootContext()->setContextProperty("localeUpdater", &updater);

When the language changes, have the LocaleUpdater emit the 
localeChanged() signal. You can now do one of two things:

1) Use the text updater string directly:

   someObject.text: qsTr("Foo") + localeUpdater.localeChange

2) Catch the emitted signal and set all strings

   Connections {
     target: localeUpdater
     onLocaleChange: {
       someObject.text = qsTr("Foo")

I hope this helps.


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