[Interest] Does Qt have a cross platform + mobile "QSystemTrayIcon"?

Rutledge Shawn Shawn.Rutledge at digia.com
Wed Oct 2 07:52:50 CEST 2013

On 2 Oct 2013, at 12:07 AM, Mark wrote:

> Hi,
> First of, the QSystemTrayIcon doc [1] seems extremely outdated so i don't know if this question is valid with that specific class name.

What is outdated about the docs?  Just the XP screenshot or something else?

> So what i'm searching for is this, a class that just sends a system(tray) notification that pops up in the place where all notifications pop up. And then really cross platform!
> In KDE that would be the lower right corner
> In Gnome that would be the upper right corner
> In Mac also the upper right corner
> In Windows (XP, Vista, 7) in the lower right corner
> In Windows 8.. don't know how it's done there, i try to stay away from it.
> In Android in the notification area
> In iOS in the notification area
> In Windows Mobile in the notification area
> In <YOUR_OTHER_MOBILE_OS> in the notification area

Ensuring that it works on the mobile platforms too sounds like a good idea, to the extent that it's possible.  But the lifecycle issues might be different, e.g. usually a "background application" can be killed at any time, so should the icon go away when that happens?

> On all platforms it should naturally show the notification in their native OS theme so for that QSystemTrayIcon is a bit obsolete since it even shows the Windows XP style popup on Windows Vista (that's the last time i tried it a couple years ago).
> Does the above exist? If so, where can i find it?
> [1] http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.1/qtwidgets/qsystemtrayicon.html#details
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