[Interest] Can Qt 5.1.1 Commercial be compiled on RasPi?

Mike Short Mike.Short at fawkesengineering.com
Thu Oct 3 01:29:41 CEST 2013

I recently compiled Qt 5.1.1 on RasPi but had to use the -opensource on
the configure.

(compiled natively, was faster than expected, took under 2 days)


There was an issue when using -commercial flag, due to "licheck". 

I looked at all the files and the script for licheck which appears to
check the license key given to validate it.


I checked and there were executables that the script calls, x86 and x64
exe files for windows, and a file for OSX, I did not see anything for


Is there a workaround, or an ARM linux version of licheck available?


Is Qt commercial not meant to be compiled for linux running on ARM


Any input would be appreciated on this matter.


Thank You for any assistance.


-Mike Short

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