[Interest] Qt on PS4 and SteamOS

Mojmír Svoboda Mojmir.Svoboda at warhorsestudios.cz
Fri Oct 4 14:22:56 CEST 2013

* Phil Hannent <phil at hannent.co.uk> [2013-10-03 13:27:07 +0100]:

> Caution should be taken with that, although parts of BSD have been
> seen in the development hardware for PS4 it isn't to say that it is
> BSD.

Yes I should have mentioned that. But from user-programmer point of view
it's very Posix-ish, so if i wished to make a port for PS4, i'd be
starting from Linux QPA probably and hope to get at least a skeleton.
As I peek into plugins/platforms it should not get long to get a rude
port. Or maybe I am overlooking something, I am quite greenhorn with Qt5/QPA.

> As for the OpenGL part, well Sony have the libGCM library for graphics
> and the PSGL API, its build along the lines of OpenGL ES but optimised
> for their consoles.

Unfortunately I did not worked with the console at that level, so I have
a very rough idea. But still... i'd expect significant similarities at

Best regards,

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