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Mon Oct 7 18:07:02 CEST 2013

I realize this topic has been hashed out pretty well in the past, but most of what I could find about it was from a couple of years ago and more oriented towards QtQuick1.

My question is whether there is any more-or-less standard way of creating themed applications in qml - this is actually for an in-vehicle-information system and we were thinking of implementing night/day modes as themes. I know that there is the QtQuick.Control.Styles, but this doesn't really encompass an entire UI. Also, this isn't a desktop application so I'm hesitant as to whether using the "SystemPalette" and a custom c++ palette would work.

My thought is to have a more or less global object with various properties, such as Font, BorderImage, ComboBoxStyles, and have it dynamically load up new styles and set the various properties from them. (this would also allow us to have some code generate the styles at some point if needed).

Any thoughts?

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