[Interest] sizeHint() value change signal

Etienne Sandré-Chardonnal etienne.sandre at m4x.org
Tue Oct 8 15:20:11 CEST 2013

Dear all,

One of my widgets EditWidget rebuilds its UI some times, by deleting all
children and layouts, and recreating a new one. The resulting new UI gives
the widget a different sizeHint() which is calculated by QWidget default

When the sizeHint() changes, a QScrollArea which contains the widget must
be resized horizontally to match the contents width hint.

However, if I emit a signal from EditWidget just after the UI has been
rebuilt, it seems that the sizeHint() is not updated yet, so the resize
does not work properly.

Also, there is no sizeHintChanged() like signal that would ease things a

Any idea how this could be solved? I'm looking for the proper signal that
is called after the sizeHint has been updated, which may be during the next
paint event or so.


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