[Interest] Problem with Embedding Translucent windows

Dave Butler daveb at tanagerproductions.com
Wed Oct 16 02:20:31 CEST 2013

I have been using xcompmgr, but It does look like it could be a compositing

I have looked at the source for xcompmgr, and it looks like it refuses to
do composite rendering on embedded windows.  I have tried to modify it, but
I couldn't get a desired effect....

I also tried compiz, and it refuses to work with either window... not
exactly sure why...

Is it possible to bypass compositing altogether? possibly by painting the
embedded window as if it were a real subwindow of the container?

I have tried several options to get the embedded window to not paint the
background, but all I get is black for a background, perhaps this is a
limitation of X11 and QT does some magic to work around when child widgets
have real windows associated with them (possibly by painting the parent
onto the child widget?)

PS. I have opened an SO question

If I get really desperate I might try different versions of compiz.

On Oct 15, 2013 7:45 AM, "Ing. Reynier Pupo Gómez" <rgomez at uci.cu> wrote:

> Hi, I think this is not a Qt problem. Check if your desktop manager can
> support xcompmgr and enable it.
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