[Interest] Serial Port custom baud rate problem

Stefano Cordibella stefano.cordibella at edalab.it
Fri Oct 18 12:29:10 CEST 2013

Hi list,
     I am trying to communicate via serial port with a device that use 
125000 bps.
When I set the custom baud rate the setBaudRate return true without 
error (I also check with debugger and the QSerialPortPrivateData 
inputBaudRate and outputBaudRate are properly set to 125000).
But when I check with an oscilloscope the frequency of bits that came 
out from serial port the result is that the port is set to 115200...
After sending data through serial port I print the port baudRate() and 
the value is even set to 125000.

I am using Qt 4.8.4 (for project reason) under linux.

Any ideas about this problem?

Thank you in advance,

*Stefano Cordibella*
EDALab s.r.l. - Networked Embedded Systems

Strada Le Grazie, 15 - 37134 Verona - Italy
email : stefano.cordibella at edalab.it
skype : stefano.cordibella
tel. : +39 045 802 70 85
web : www.edalab.it
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