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Tony Rietwyk tony at rightsoft.com.au
Mon Oct 28 15:00:43 CET 2013

Hi Daniel, 


Yes it does - you want Visual Studio to debug two separate projects at the
same time?  I don't think it can do that.  


To just run both exe's, you could modify the window project to run a batch
or script file that runs both exe's, but I'm not sure debugging will work in
that case.  Hint:  See Debugging / Command in the project options.  If you
generate the VS project from a .pro via qmake, then you will probably need
to modify the project each time it is regenerated.  


Hope that helps, 





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Hi Tony!


I think by answering you, I may give some clarification to Frank as well.


I already have the console application running. (actually, it is giving me
good benchmark results)


In another project, I already have the windows application running as well
(is not very fancy, but it is nice!).


but I could not find a way to put both working together, what means... OR I
can see the paths being updated, OR I can see the "COUT <<" printed in the
screen, but I could not find a way to see the paths being linked, and the
console giving me information at the background.


Is it better now?


Once again, thanks a lot guys!




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