[Interest] Preventing QUrl from encoding query parameters

Dmitriy Purgin dpurgin at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 19:27:44 CEST 2014


If you pass this raw QString or QByteArray somewhere, why use QUrl
then? Anyway, try QUrl::fromPercentEncoding():

    QUrl url("http://example.com?query=[{\"name\":\"value\"}]");
    qDebug() << QUrl::fromPercentEncoding(url.toEncoded());
    // produces: "http://example.com?query=[{"name":"value"}]"


2014-08-02 5:33 GMT+06:00 Lorne Sturtevant <dragor at shaw.ca>:
> I am to connect to a 3rd party API over http.  This API does not accept
> requests that the URLs that are properly percent encoded for invalid
> characters.  For example.  It requires urls to be of the form:
> http://example.com?query=[{"name":"value"}].
> I create the QUrl like this:
> QUrl url =
> QUrl::fromEncoded("http://example.com?query=[{\"name\":\"value\"}]");
> url.toString() shows that the string is percent encoded as
> http://example.com?query=[%7B%22name%22:%22value%22%7D] as it should
> be.  The problem is that the 3rd part API can't handle the percent
> encoded form.
> I've tested this with curl as well:
> curl http://example.com?query=[{"name":"value"}] returns the correct result.
> curl http://example.com?query=[%7B%22name%22:%22value%22%7D] returns an
> error from the 3rd party API.
> So my question is.  How can I force QUrl not to percent encode the URL?
> Even though it's an error, I want QUrl to ignore it and just use the raw
> string I provide.
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