[Interest] Embedding QWindow

rap rap at dlc.fi
Tue Aug 5 10:08:42 CEST 2014

> > OK, I'm not familiar with QML & QtQuick at all yet, only quite recently
> > started using Qt as an alternative for MS. If those support OpenGL core
> > profile 4+ then I'll have to take a look when I have the time, for now I
> > have to stick with Qt Creator.

> So the context is that QtWidgets (QWidget, QMainWindow etc) are the
> traditional but still fine-to-use UI component technology, and QML is
> the newer tech. The QML tech stack includes QWindow; QtWidgets doesn't
> really. You can mix QtWidgets and QWindow/QML (with that
> createContainerWidget method or QQuickWidget), but you shouldn't
> unless you have a reason to, and it sounds like you don't. If you want
> to use QtWidgets then you should probably just use QGLWidget.

> Ian

All right, that clarifies things. 


PS. Sorry about the  previous unfinished message, a sudden hand movement
trying to save my coffee mug.

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