[Interest] question about relocating Qt library installation

Yves Bailly Yves.Bailly at verosoftware.com
Tue Aug 5 14:39:16 CEST 2014

On 05/08/2014 05:59, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Monday 04 August 2014 09:47:55 Darren Dale wrote:
>> I spent a good part of the weekend looking for information on the web. I'm
>> not certain I understand the problem, but am certain there must be a
>> solution, since the Qt installer for windows can install to an arbitrary
>> location.
> It does that by binary-patching QtCore and qmake.
> Does your installation do that?
>> I found a short discussion at http://stackoverflow.com/a/17640221
>> , talking about how qmake, Qt5Core, and a few other files need to be
>> patched, but did not understand exactly what needs to be patched, and how.
>> (Please excuse me for not understanding the c++ code that was posted.) Is
>> there any documentation on how to do this?
> Looks like you didn't.
> Run strings on those files and you'll see the build paths. You need to replace
> those paths in the binaries and remove the qt.conf file.

Or you may use this, which is pretty handy and easy to use:

Hope this helps.

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