[Interest] Preventing QUrl from encoding query parameters

Lorne Sturtevant dragor at shaw.ca
Tue Aug 5 18:01:30 CEST 2014

> You can't do what you want. QUrl will normalise what it has to.
That's what I had feared.  I was digging through the source I couldn't
find a hidden "force do things wrong" flag.
> So just make sure that you are running Qt 5.3, since there were bugs in 
> previous versions. If that doesn't work, fix your server.
If it was my server, I'd fix it in an instant.  But unfortunately it's a
3rd party server which I can't modify.  While I try to get them to fix
it, I think I'll just use curl spawned from QProcess.

Thanks for the confirmation Thiago.

Lorne Sturtevant
Sum Ergo Cogito

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