[Interest] Full screen window and Win 8 Side-by-side

Tr3wory tr3w at freemail.hu
Wed Aug 6 17:38:26 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I have a working qml application in a QQuickView.
If I show the window with showMaximized() and put a metro style
application side-by-side, my application's window get resized as
But if I show the window with showFullscreen(), then my application
window's size remains the same even in the side-by-side case, so the
metro application hides part of my window.

Is it a bug, or is it intended?

Does any workaround exists?

Making my window frameless is a good step to the right direction, but
I would like to hide the taskbar also. (So it should look like a
proper fullscreen window...)


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