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Thanks, Andrew!

I'm very intersted in Qt UI, and I don't want XAML as GUI for my game. We
choosen Qt Quick because Qt Quick :). We have experient with cocos2d-x but
we changed to Qt because Qt is fully cross-platform, stable, cute code
model and special QML. But C# calling is mandatory in my company, because
many our modules and frameworks was implemented in C# or must call C# API,
then we very interested in CX.

And, we use AdMob for banner

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 4:32 PM, Knight Andrew <Andrew.Knight at digia.com>

> Hi,
> > Hi all !
> >
> > In Windows Phone 8, Microsoft provided a new technique for native
> development (C++). There are 2 template for native :
> >
> > Native Only (only use C++) template: this template only use pure C++
> with limited access to Platform API (C# implementation like Camera, Push
> Notification, etc.). It has been only used
> >  for game development (with DirectX). XAML + C# + C++ template: with
> this template, in fact, it is “general Windows Phone template” with XAML for
> >  layout, C# for logic processing and C++ for backend heavily processing.
> Example, the game render would be written in C++ (like native only) but it
> would be rendered on a control in XAML. MS provided a mechanism
> >  for communicate between C# and C++, is “CX” (much like C++.net) and it
> much like JNI mechanism in Android. CX allows C++ can access C# Platform
> API,
> >  which can’t be accessed directly from C++.
> >
> >
> > In Qt, when i want to build for Windows Phone, i will create Visual
> Studio Solution by “qmake” and build it in Visual Studio, but the output
> solution of it is > “Native Only Template”, thus i can’t write CX and
> integrated any Ad Banner for my app.
> >
> > Please add qmake optional for create Xaml template. It's very useful!
> As you have noted, Windows Phone allows for "Native Only" development, and
> this is what Qt uses. We do not use any CX, C#, or XAML in the Qt codebase,
> and this is likely to remain the case as we go along.
> That said, there is nothing preventing you from using CX in your code. You
> simply need to add
> to your .pro file to enable the extensions.
> XAML integration is also possible in theory, but it requires major changes
> to Qt. If you're not planning to use any Qt UI integration (Widgets, Qt
> Quick, etc.), then you probably won't have any serious issues using XAML,
> though. The two experiments are available on Code Review:
> https://codereview.qt-project.org/86264
> https://codereview.qt-project.org/88593
> They involve modifying winmain, a static BSD-licensed support library in
> qtbase. You are welcome to do something similar in your app; just rebuild
> winmain or link to your version of winmain instead.
> So, to summarize: we don't use these features in Qt (and have no plans
> to), but there are ways to use them in your app.
> HTH,
> Andrew
> P.S. What ad banner framework are you using? It may actually be possible
> to use it from native C++ by generating headers from the winrtmidl compiler.
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