[Interest] selection in QTableWidget

Felix morack felixover at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 09:59:04 CEST 2014


the selection (mode: selectitems) in a qtablewidget is by default a square.
For many purposes it would be better if the selection included all items in
between starting point and end point. This is well illustrated here:


The question is: how to do this? My first instinct would have been to
derive from QItemSelectionModel and re-implement the various isSelected()
functions. But that isnt very robust and more importantly, it looks like
Qtablewidget::mouseMoveEvent() -> setSelection(...) is doing excessive
calculations and modifications to the selection.

That is a problem because i can hardly mess with the
mouseMoveEvent()....unless i was to derive from QTableWidget and override

Any thoughts on what is the best approach? Users have repeated filed the
"wired" selection behaviour as a bug...

thanks & great day,
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